I am me. I don’t say much, but when I do, it’s gonna be a piece of truth that nobody had the guts to tell you before. I don’t believe I’m better than you. Actually, I prefer not to judge , especially not in terms of ‘good’ or ‘bad’, as I prefer not to speak at all sometimes.

I am me. I may seem weird, even a freak at times, but I don’t mind. I don’t care, better said. I don’t care what you may think of me, I am not interested in the titles you may give me, any nickname is at your own choice but my interest in any of these is null. Still, I don’t consider myself a fraction of the ‘all-singing, all-dancing crap of the world’; I am not some special piece of something. I am me.

I don’t get mad. You might think I’m mad; you might think I’m upset, furious, tensed or whatever. I’m not. I’m just me. I keep quiet, I listen and I see. And if I do get mad, you’ll eventually know it.

I am me. I may not seem to give much, but I surely do. As long as I know it’s worth it, I’m all in, even if I’m the only one seeing my cards. As long as I feel that I want to, I’m gonna invest all of my interest, care, patience and time in whatever it is that I’m living at that point in time. I may seem a cold stone, but I’ve been through fire and rain as well, so I know how those feel like too.

I am me. I am not the romantic Don Juan, I am not the tough thug, but I’m not the stupid guy you might think you can jerk around with either. I’m the non-talkie, always paying attention dude, who you might think doesn’t exist, but my Universe strays far beyond your imagination, along with the surprises it holds.

I am me. I may walk you by, turn my back on you, not have an opinion on something, not answer to your questions, restrain from comments, not hold your hand when walking beside you, not snuggle, not smile each time I look in your eyes, I may even hate things about you… But when I want our roads to cross, I know how to do it; When I want to have you close, you’ll feel it; When I want to speak my mind, you’ll hear it; When I want to hold you, you’ll have it; When I give affection, you’ll get it; When I share attention, you’ll know it; When I want to invade your every piece of being, we’ll be.

Still, I am me. I might make you wanna die sometimes, but you’d still say  ‘To die by your side is such a heavenly way to die!’*


*The Smiths, There Is A Light That Never Goes Out