For the sake of LOVE.

LIFE IS NOT IRONIC.  We are. Each day, it brings out the best of everything in our way, but we’re so damn smart and we know better. It triggers the alarm when we stray away stupidly, but we keep on going, `cause we’re so sure that ‘this is what we HAVE TO do’.

It gives us uncomfortable feelings, thoughts and emotions when we’re not in harmony with our true nature. But instead of getting the message, we filter the signs through neuronal criteria, we chip them mentally and we make them fit in those perfectly polished little boxes in our brains.

It shouts out loud in the silence of our souls that most of the things we crave so desperately for are not the ones leading us to the true happiness we should be experiencing here. But we know so well that ‘love goes through the stomach’ and other shit ideas like that…

After repeatedly and stubbornly ignoring the harmony in which life manifests itself towards us, of course, it’s going to stop being subtle in sending signals and start being obvious in creating situations. Now is when we’re all wrapped up in the victim’s disguise, accusing life of being ironic. Oh, no, my dears. We are.

LIFE DOES NOT SUCK. We do. We have billions of reasons to be happy every day, but we pass them by intriguingly emotionless and then at evening, we cry over how shitty our day has been.

I’m not going to give you the classical speech about how much would a blind man appreciate sight, a crippled – the simple walk or a deaf – sounds.

But it amazes me how life gives us EVERYTHING we need day by day and still, we feel so entitled to complain over it and say it sucks. Well, it doesn’t. We do.

LIFE IS NOT A BITCH. We are. Actually, life isn’t even close to anything a bitch is. By contrary, it is full of love in every little aspect that you can think about and it wants us to feast from that love: to receive it, to manifest it, to fill and fulfill our lives with it. `Cause LOVE IS THE CORE OF TRUE HAPPINESS. And I don’t know any bitch wishing that for anybody…

But in some sick, twisted way, we made it easier to spread hate than love. So we’ve made ourselves numb and unable to receive this great gift live gives us each day. Also, as our behavior shows is very well, it is easier to fuck than to love. So when life doesn’t play our sick, twisted rules, we feel fucked. Just that this time, we don’t like it. So we call life a bitch. Oh, no, my dears… We are.

So how do you feel about irony now?